Become a host family for albion language tours

  • Do you live in Poole?
  • Are you able to provide quality host family accommodation for albion students?
  • Can you provide a suitable standard of hospitality and comfort?
  • Could you welcome albion students into your relaxed family atmosphere?

If you have answered yes to these questions then become a host family for albion language tours.

Albion language tours have been organising language study tours for both teenagers and adults since 1983, welcoming students to learn English and enjoy the sights of Poole and England.

As English is so important around the world German students want to improve their English speaking skills to enhance their career prospects, and enjoy visiting the many famous sights of England.

Albion language tours motto is “learning by doing” – we want our students to improve their English in practice: in class and also by chatting with you as their host family.

Host families play a major role in enabling albion students to make rapid progress and achieve a greater understanding of not only the language but also the English way of life.

Albion students are aged 12-18 years.

Albion host families are delighted to undertake certain responsibilities for the comfort and well-being of albion students.

We albion language tours like to think that our students are welcomed into your home, not just as paying guests, but as members of the family who are supervised and cared for by you. This is especially important because most of our young students are away from home for the first time and may feel a little unsettled at the beginning of their stay.

Albion students have a group programme that includes language classes Monday to Friday and organised, also supervised leisure activities every day, as well as excursions (host families receive up to date programmes for their students). They must return to the host family no later than 22.00 hours unless on a scheduled activity (for example disco evenings).

What facilities must be provided for the students?

Albion language tours place two, or sometimes up to four students with a host family. The room(s) must be warm and comfortable. We also on occasion place single students.

In addition we ask you to offer all the facilities of your home. We would like you to encourage albion students to join in with family activities and take part in general conversation.

All albion students are expected to eat at least one meal preferably the evening meal with the family. You will have to provide full board: Breakfast, a packed lunch and an evening meal.

Are all homes automatically accepted?

No they are not. All aspects of the home are considered, including facilities and location, together with our overall impression of the family environment.

You will get detailed information on our conditions when we visit you.

For further information about becoming a host family please contact:

Mrs. Janet Walkham                      

Local Organiser Office Poole

Tel.: 01202 667552      



We look forward to working with you in the future!

Your team at albion language tours