Sprachreisen Gastfamilien sind begeistert von unseren Sprachschülern

Great Experience

I have been having students through Albion for about 5 years now and have
really enjoyed it. Of course it is nice to earn some extra money, but mostly a lovely 
way to meet young people. Some of the students have become very dear
friends. The young people are very well  behaved and very respectful, they
like routine and rules and fit in very easily with family life , my 10 year
old son enjoys the experience as much as we do . The support you get from
Albion is next to none , any problems you have they help immediately always
very approachable , would highly recommend Albion , to sum it up the
experience is great for the host family and the students .

Rachel B.


'My family and I have been welcoming students from Albion into our home
 for quite some time now. I can honestly say that we find the students a
 pleasure and our little girl  thoroughly enjoys the company and can't wait for her new friends to

 Janet and JJ really do look after us as a host family and I am pleased
 that we chose to welcome Albion language students into our home'.

Rebecca G.